All Tanks Solution

Recent additions

All Tanks Solution Malaysia has successfully ventured into new emerging areas such as product on of Water Tight and Non-water Tight Tank Sumps, Filling Sumps, Dispenser Sumps and Mold Making. All Tanks Solution Malaysia currently has a production capacity of 50 Storage Tanks per month.

            Steel Tanks

Welding Machine:
Sub-arc booms up to 1,000 amps. Long Travel Boom of 10m Span for External, Longitudinal and Circumferential
Welds up to 600 amps.
Surface Treatment:
Sand-blasting to SA 2½ Grade
Glassing Station:
Current capacity of 1m to 3.5m diameter and maximum length of 14m tank.
Steel and Glasteel II:
These tanks currently have a production capacity of 50 tanks per month.

            Steel Tanks

Plate Rolling:
Up to 20mm plate.
Shearing Machine:
Maximum shearing thickness of 9mm for 2,500mm width.
Multiple sets from 10 Tonnes up to 65 Tonnes.
Steel Jointing Station:
Rotator to accommodate from 2.5m up to 3.0m diameter and 15m length Steel Tank Assembly.
production capacity of 50 tanks per month.

            Fiberglass Tanks

Rotation Molding Station:
Up to 3.5m diameter and tank capacity up to 110,000 liters.