FRP Singlewall & Doublewall Underground Storage Tank

Product - FRP Tank


Corrosion Free - made off 100% corrosion resistant resin and glass
Maintenance Free - no expensive cathodic or impressed current protection systems required
Easy to handle - lightweight, no need for heavy cranes requlting in reduced installation costs
Reusable - tanks can be moved and reused at any new location of choice

FRP Doublewall Underground Storage Tank


Doublewall Fibreglass Tanks are the most critical storage solutions for critical and highly demanding applications in the Petroleum, Petrochemical and Chemical industry sectors. Since storing these precious, yet hazardous commodities requires a higher degree of storage tank strength and reliability, these tanks are designed to perform over a long period of time with safety as a top concern. They optimize protection in the event of any leaks due to their unique "Doublewall" feature.

            What is the ("Doublewall")? - Exclusive Features:

Effectively prevents any ground water contamination
Offers a most comprehensive 360 Degree Secondary Containment Protection Cover
Can be "pressure-tested" both before and after installation
A wide variety of Monitoring Devices can be installed in the interstitial space inherent in the Double Wall Tanks

            What is the ("Doublewall")? - Exclusive Features:

TRU-Check and Hydrostatic Monitoring System provided by All Tanks Solution Malaysia facilitates owners and operators to conducta Tank Tightness Test that meets EPA Criteria
This test meets EPA Criteria and Underwriters Laboratories Certification

            Easy Re-location


Double Wall Fibreglass Tanks can be conveniently moved from their original sites and re-certified for easy installation at any new location of choice. This eliminates the need for heavy installation, saving on huge costs

            Higher Degree of Versatility

Double Wall Fibreglass Tanks are rust-proof and compatible with all alcohol fuels. They also come along with a 30-Year Warranty against structural failure and internal or external corrosion. Storage Tank Capacities range from 2,000 to 110,000 liters.
Custom sizes are also available.